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Myntra Controversy—Why is the Myntra logo offensive?

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Recently, Myntra found itself landed in a controversy due to its logo!

But what is wrong with their logo and is that really not just the letter “M”?

What did Myntra do when they were approached by police following an FIR?

We have all the answers:

Recently, an NGO activist named Naaz Patel filed a complaint with the Police that Myntra’s logo is offensive and insulting towards female gender.

When the Police approached Myntra for answers, the brand immediately agreed to change their logo on every product, package and everything related. Surprisingly, there was just no acknowledgement about the accusations of the previous logo, which makes one wonder.

In a letter response to the police, Myntra said, “Persuant to our meeting, we wish to inform you that we have decided to revise the Myntra Logo”.

Even though the online retailer also sent the new logo along with the letter but people still have the same reaction as the new logo is not really different than the previous one.

The complaint calmed it was “deliberate placement of the colour scheme to depict a woman’s vagina and such is again highlighted with colour scheme of depicting her legs spread out in a suggestive manner”. It further added that such “portrayal of a woman and her private parts as an object of lust” would “corrupt the minds of the viewers and even excite them” and “this will lead to further victimisation of women in our society”.

Now, people are expressing their anger on Social Media and Myntra has been a subject to lot of abuse and memes lately. Not just that, people are now claiming to be “open-eyed who now can't un-see things” as the netizens shared a lot many logos (even of some big brands) that are allegedly secretly depicting private parts of women.

All in all, Logo designers can learn a lot from this incident.

Tip: When making a logo, try to look with a critical eye if the logo is implying a “double meaning".

Business owners too could learn a lesson and be very careful as rebranding is extremely costly, critically risky and could confuse your audience.

Not to mention, women are not objects, they are humans just like men. They too have dignity and rights and equally deserving. The society has kept and let them down for a long long time. Let's take a pledge to lift them up and never to treat them as objects as the mainstream portrays them.

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