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How to Sell Your Creative Ideas

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

You can be the most creative designer on the planet… but if you don’t know how to sell your designs, you are just someone who loves to draw on their computer. Ouch! That hurts, we know.

So, let's help you out on how to sell your creative ideas in just 6 steps!

Step 1

Start by understanding the client’s perspective

This means putting yourself in their shoes and seeing things, literally, from their point-of-view.

Do enough research to achieve the perspective. Ask questions in the beginning to avoid confusion. Best way is to make and send client a questionnaire.

Step 2

Create stunning work and present it.

It’s your job not only to create amazing work, but to educate your clients, too. After all, you understand your design the most and that makes you the best person to speak about it. Make it your responsibility, every time, to show your clients why the work is invaluable.

Step 3

Mockup Mockup Mockup!

There are so many mockup sites out there. Too many are free and incredible. Don't just showcase your design artwork, present them via Mockups to let the client know how the end-product would actually look like. This even boosts up your presentation and the acceptance rate of your design!

Check these out:

Step 4

Make it all about THEM

It’s not about how geek or creative you are, but how your designs can solve the real problems of your clients. It’s about how can your design solution connect the client with their audience and the audience to the brand.

Step 5

Tell a story.

Present in a way that's easier for the clients to comprehend. Don't use design terms that make the client feel dumb. Instead, use a common language that's easier to understand and convey for both. Guide them to the solution while re-emphasising their problem.

Keep their target audience in mind.

Step 6

Connect your idea to their pain

This is the final step where you connect your design solution to the actual pain point of the client. Don’t forget to tell your clients how the design accomplishes what they are really looking forward to.

Designers, don't feel disheartened! Keep trying and you will eventually get better at it. It's not just about confidence, but how comfortably you can convey your message too. If you are comfortable, only then the client will feel at ease and trust you more. Practice always makes perfect.

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