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8 Reasons Why A Logo Is Important

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

A Logo is a small design (or a symbol) that helps us to identify a particular brand. It is a piece of design adapted by a company or organisation to be easily identifiable by its audience. It can help to identify a brand or even a product.

Let's discuss in brief why a logo is important for a brand, or rather any brand.

1. A logo is an excellent attention-grabber

For any brand to exist, it needs to have an identity, and what is better than having a creative logo that piques interest of the audience.

2. It is the bedrock of the identity of a business.

Just like humans have faces for identity, Brands have Logos!

3. It makes a strong first impression

Logos are the face of any business. They are bound to create an impression. If your Logo creates a strong first impression, it will be remembered and the customers will keep coming back.

4. It's a visual way to communicate a company's core values.

Logo is not only a symbol, it is a way to communication between a company and its target audience. The colour, shape, a hidden symbol, all represent the company in the best possible manner and should be.

5. It is something that differentiates one brand from another

Sometimes two brands might have a similar name, e.g., Surf Excel or MS Excel, that's funny because once Surf Excel's ad resulted in MS Excel's boycott in India. Funny, but true. Names alone aren't enough. That is why it is very important that logos are distinct and separate a business entity from everyone else.

6. A logo stimulates Brand Loyalty

Customers often create a bond with the logo. Think, for instance, Apple's logo, it's timeless, unique and has created a huge follower base ever since it was launched.

7. We are all judged by our appearance

No matter how much we are told not to judge a book by its cover, we, as humans, still have the tendencies to do the opposite.

8. The audience expects it and looks forward to it!

Every brand in any corner of the world needs to have an identity, and everyone expects Brands to have one. Many a times, local shops don't attract large audience because they do not have an identity to represent themselves.

Is your Logo speaking your Brand message clear? Maybe you are looking for a Logo Design to stand out and be memorable. Relax, we got you covered!

7GraphicsGuy offers not only Logo Design, but a complete Brand Identity Design, be it Logo, Business Card, Brochures and Flyers, Stationery and everything to position your brand amongst the best and to set you ways apart.

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