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Logo Mistakes To Avoid in 2021

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

1. Typography

Just like our parents used to say, “10th, 11th, 12th, College, Job” will be our making or braking point, Typography is the making or breaking point of logo, only that it really is!

Don’t use more than 2 fonts. Avoid overused typefaces such as Times New Roman, Papyrus, Arial, etc.

Keep in mind the size, kerning, spacing of the selected font.

2. Complexity or Vagueness

A complex object is too difficult to remember. So is a plain, vague one.

A logo is supposed to be simple, yet unique.

Simpler the logo, easier the recognition, more the remembrance.

3. Colour

If you rely on colour, you have already lost it. The logo is supposed to stand out in black and white (or greyscale) version. Even in the absence of the colour, the logo should have a meaning.

4. Relying on Monograms

While monograms are amazing, they should be used sparingly. Most monograms fail to build credibility and do not speak the intended message.

Most amateur designers go for Monograms by just trying to mix the company name’s initials and making a logo of it.

5. Avoid Clichés

Tree of life, Light bulb for ideas, Sun rays, are first to come in mind and for the same reason should be avoided, and also because they have been overused over the course of time. Your design has to be unique, remember that!

6. Copying (aka Stealing!)

It's sad to see people copying great artists' designs and calling them their own. This is bound to fail when the logo will be copyrighted, you could land in trouble.

If you like a logo, take inspiration and ask yourself how could you make it better. Do not ever copy. Copying is stealing.

7. Delivering too many options

Too many options are always confusing, and the clients may end up making the wrong choice. Instead, do your research and choose the best 2 (max 3) options that you think reflect best upon the brand’s message.

8. Delivering incorrect file formats

Always deliver high-quality files.

Formats you should send include:


Remember, rules are meant to be broken, but know what you are doing.

Only when you have immense knowledge of design, you can break the rules, play around and create masterpieces!

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