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Mistakes in choosing the Logo Designer that can cost you

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

When you established your business, you did not establish it overnight. Even the idea of what business to do, might have made many of us sleepless. The things we value most, we think over them a lot. This is because we don't want mistakes. We want the decision to be accurate and fruitful in the near as well as the long run. But when it comes to Branding, in layman's terms Logo Design, we fall for the tricks, just so easily.

Have you ever been told this, "Hey! I can make you a wonderful logo at such a cheap price" or "Hey! I can make you a professional logo in just a day or two"? Of course, you might have come across such claims. But, did you know that this is one of the biggest scams running in India and elsewhere?

Business owners are often tricked by small-time Designers, marketers and other mediocre doers into getting a very cheap logos made, or for a cheap marketing campaign, and so on. Such people are definitely not your friends. Rather than doing you good, they cost you your business which you have worked so hard for.

All this results in wrong Brand perception in the customers' minds and they often neglect the brand due to not being appealing to the right audience or any audience at all.

A logo is not an icon or a symbol. It is your business's face, your identity. You don't want to have a bad face for yourself, so why compromise with the business's face?

Often, clients fall for the tricks into getting things done quickly and in lesser price and that is totally acceptable only if you can take care of the risks associated. But almost every time, the risks are huge and eventually lead to loss of money and customers rather than any savings.

Here's what you can do to ensure this doesn't happen to you or your brand:

  1. Ask the Designer for their experience.

  2. Ask them to showcase their portfolio, and judge for yourself.

  3. What was their biggest problem with a client/brand and how did they overcome it?

  4. What is their usual time-frame required for a project

  5. How do you handle an objection with a client?

  6. What do you think makes a designer a good one?

Get the right way for your business. Give it in the hands of those who care. Be compassionate, good things come along.

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