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Free Logo Vs Paid Logo!

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Why should I pay when I can get it for free?

What would happen if all the brands had the similar-looking logos?

Let's dive in a little deeper...

Startups and Small Businesses crave for Brand recognition as well as Brand awareness which of course comes with well-tailored logos, but unfortunately they don't have the greatest budgets to hire professional designers.

Companies, often on restrained budgets, use Free Logo Creators or Logo Makers to design their logos themselves. This involves little or no knowledge of Logo design. Many a times, there are ready-made samples and you just need to click on the best one. But wait, wouldn't everyone click on the best template?

Free isn't always actually free! In this crisp article, let's discuss the quick Pros & Cons of Free as well as Paid Logos.

Free Logo Makers:

These are often softwares/websites that offer free logo templates but ask for a price if you wish to avail more features.


The Price:

Of course the biggest advantage is the price here. You can either pay a fraction of a Paid Logo price or won't pay at all.

The Time:

You can have a Logo ready for your brand instantly. Might take a few minutes at the most and you are ready to use it for your business.

Easy-to-use Templates:

Templates make it so much easier to just click and get your logo design ready for download


1. No Copyright:

You don't own it! If you don't register it soon for copyright, someone else can have the exact same logo and you could land in trouble for using it, even when you created it "on your own," so-to-say. Even then, you might later find out that some businesses have been already using the same or similar logo! This can hurt you anytime so take caution.

2. No Originality:

Free Logo Makers have limited design features, your customization is extremely narrow, thus, you will end up having a generic Logo for your brand.

3. Hidden Cost:

Some Free Logo Makers are frankly free but most are tricky. Here's how:

You may create your very good-looking Logo but when the time comes to download it, the image will be a tiny pixelated one, thus, to get the Pixel-perfect version you will be asked to pay.

4. Limited File Format:

Free logo makers often offer one to two options for downloading the finished version of your Logo. If the file format isn’t your preferred choice, you may run into complication when trying to use your logo in print, social media, or sometimes even for uploading it to your website, leading all your hard-work to dust. You might again be asked to pay for downloading in other available formats.

Paid Logos:

These involve Professional Designers or Design Agencies (like 7GraphicsGuy).



The Design Agencies or Professionals are the experts who know their jobs well. They don't really create a Logo but the "Identity" for your brand. They strive to make your brand stand-out.

Better Design & Concept:

They, often, have worked with numerous projects before and can tailor the design that best suits your needs and requirements. They will always research about your industry, your brand and your competitors and draft concept for your Logo design.

Buy the copyright without any worries:

Since Agencies don't work on templates, they create Logos from scratch. This means you will almost never have similar-looking design.

After receiving your final design, you can file a copyright anytime.

Tip: Be sure to copyright it before uploading it anywhere to prevent the design being copied.

All File Formats Included:

You will receive all file formats like Ai, PDF, EPS, JPG, SVG and PNG.

You can either print, upload on website or use on Social Media without worrying about the quality.



This is surely a Con if you are seeing it with a limited vision or maybe because you have a limited or restrained budget. But know this, that in the long run, this is going to pay-off well.


Since, the Designers & Agencies involve research and framing of concepts as well as making the design from the scratch, you can expect it would take a longer time, often more than a week. Sometimes, you might want to change the final design and that adds to the total duration of the project.


In the end, Branding is what makes you stand out. Your audience should be able to recognise you even in the sea of competitors. Having a similar-looking logo just like everyone else is absurd to branding and will cost you from the beginning itself.

Use Free Logo Makers if you don't have the budget or if you think you can design your own Logo, but be sure to check the originality and file for the copyright asap.

Please always research about the Free Logo Maker you are using.

On the other hand, Designers & Agencies are knowledgeable experts who draft real-world concepts for your Logo Design. And don't forget "Good things take time".

Check out our Portfolio before you leave.

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