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Logo, Brand Identity Design

About the Project

Horizone Group builds luxury apartments and studios. It aims to help millions of home shoppers find their dream home in Dubai.
Horizone offers a comprehensive list of properties, including the information and tools to make educated real estate decisions.


The brand needs to shine in the ever-saturated market. The competitors are pulling in huge customers with advertising but Horizone needs to stand out and wants to be seen as the premium company for home-shoppers by focusing on right branding.


To craft a premium and sophisticated brand identity, including the name, that will pique interest in home buyers and gain their trust. With so much competition, the brand will deliver high impact and gain top of the mind position with its unique and resonating identity. The colours are inspired by the deserts of Dubai. The Logo incorporates a triangle, symbolising stability and strength, and a circle representing wholeness and perfection.

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