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Logo, Brand Identity Design & Packaging
Amigo's Pizza

About the Project

Amigo's Pizza is a pizza with a modern approach. It's a pizza house serving the original tastes from Italy. The brand is passionate about making the pizza perfect in texture, taste and in emotion.


The local crowded market with high competition is a concern for the brand but at the same time, the competitors are not employing a strong design strategy so Amigo's Pizza gets an upper hand to reach more audience and appeal to them as a very distinctive brand.


Crafting a strong logotype that is clear and easy to read. The apostrophe-turned-into-pizza-slice gives the brand and its logo a unique identity. The red symbolises passion for pizza, both for the brand as well as pizza lovers. The brand's tone and voice are affirmative and strong. The packaging had to be equally strong and provoking to the audience.

Amigos Pizza Boxes.jpg
Amigo's Pizza1-2-01.jpg
Amigo's Pizza1-2_Artboard 2.jpg
amigos box.jpg
Amigo's Pizza- SM.jpg
Amigo's Pizza-08.jpg
amigos tape.jpg
Amigo's Pizza9.jpg
amigos wall poster.jpg
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