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Brand Identity Design to Elevate your
Brand Positioning

Stay ahead of your competition!

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Logo Design

We understand how important Brand Identity is to you and your audience. We make iconic designs that represent not just your business but speak your message loud and clear.

Brand Identity & Logo Design Agency in India
The Best Package Design Agency in India

Package Design

Often, Package and the product wrapped inside are considered the same!

Get the Package Design that pronounces your product well.

Business Card Design

Big things come in small packages.

A Business Card is your package of influence.

Make them keep your cards in their wallets with love.

Creative Business Card Design in India
The best Brochures, Flyers & Poster Design in India

Brochure Design

There is a reason even the Fortune 500 companies rely on Brochures: They serve their purpose well.

Get your audience to know what you want to convey in the most pleasing manner.

Book Cover Design

Don't let your audience wander. Get their eyes on your attractive book.

Push your sales with our bold book cover designs.

Attractive Book Cover Design in India
Magazine Designs & Magazine Layout Designer in India

Magazine Design

 Whether you are in a customer lounge, waiting-lobby or even on an airplane, the best way to kill the time is to grab a magazine.

Let's make a magazine that readers will pick up every single time. 

Presentation Design

Go bold. Go loud.

Get your information eye-catchy, inspiring and more informative.

The most appealing presentations are here!

Bold Infographic Design India


I am Zeeshan Ahmad, also known as 7GraphicsGuy.

I am a professional Graphic Designer mostly focused on Identity and Packaging Design.

My style of work is minimalistic and modern.

In the past few years, I have successfully garnered positive results for my clients in the US, UK, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and India.


I am always dedicated to provide premium services and ensuring optimum value for each one of my clients, while I am on the road to be the best Graphic Designer in the industry.


To raise and set the bar for Graphic Design Industry in India and elsewhere to enhance customer experiences and so the brands can tell their story in the most efficient manner.

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